Friday, March 5, 2010

Fancy Flight

I thought I would start my blogging venture by sharing the story behind my 'signature' and most popular image: Fancy Flight. It was a cold January Sunday in 2002 when I joined a group of photo friends for the morning at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our mission: to photograph the cardinals that inhabit the park. The wind chill was well below zero that day, and our non-photographer friends and families thought we were crazy! We spent the morning photographing the cardinals near the entrance to the park where several feeders are stationed as a food source for the birds year round. Setting up our tripods, we attempted to capture the birds as they flew to and from the feeder as well as capturing them in the nearby snow covered trees. For this shot, I pre-focused my Canon 100-400mm lens on a spot near the feeder, and using the motor drive on my Canon 1D, attempted to freeze the birds in flight as they flew through my viewfinder. I was rewarded with this image on frame #210!


  1. This is such a beautiful photo! It's hard to believe that you've only become better over the years when you started out so darn good. Keep your photos coming, Wendy!

  2. Using the motor drive is something that I have wanted to play with for some time, but never really have the opportunity in subject matter. I need to get out and do some bird photography...I've always liked this image. I remember it being there when I did the spotlight on you years ago.