Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mind Games ~ Reflections

My favorite reflection images are the ones that make a viewer pause to figure out what they are really seeing. You know the ones: the ones that play with your mind, the ones you think have been played with in Photoshop ©, but realize they were made in the camera…
This reflection image was made in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. We were photographing one of the small churches in the park when I found this composition. I first noticed the the cemetery's reflection in a window on the shaded side of the church. The old rippled glass distorted the reflected shapes into interesting designs. Because it was such a bright day, the windows on the opposite side of the church were visible through the church window I had chosen to photograph.
I purposely framed the bright window beyond in one of the window panes. Study the image carefully. (clicking on the image will enlarge it) You can see the pews inside the church as well as the grave stones outside. Check out the swirled patterns of the tree branches in the window’s upper left pane. You can also see tree trunks framed in the bright window beyond. Are they beyond the window? Or they really behind the camera reflected in the glass in front of it?
Made you pause and look, didn’t I? ;-)
(Canon 1D Mark II N w/24-105mm lens, 1/10 sec @ f 20)

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