Friday, June 18, 2010

More Fun Signs

Continuing the theme of last week's blog, I thought I would share a few more images from my 'Signs' collection.  They are quite self explanatory, so I will allow them to "speak" to you as they spoke to me.  This altered school sign was found in Rarotonga.
When we stopped for gasoline in Etosha National Park, I couldn't help but snap this composition of a sign at the Namutoni station.  Click on the image to read the sign's subtle, yet strong warning.
Some signs that seem different to us are common place in other countries- like the various exotic animal crossing signs in Namibia.  But since they are unique to me, I photograph them. 

This "No Bare Feet" sign was at the foot (no pun intended!) of an escalator in the Papeete Market in Tahiti where bare feet are more common than wearing shoes in the US.

I couldn't resist taking this image of a "Gone Fishing-Back in 10 Minutes." sign in Ireland.  10 minutes from when??

...and what about this humorous sign discovered  in Sossusvlei?

There are so many fun signs around the world and right in your own backyard.   In fact, one of my favorite signs in my collection was taken at a rest stop right here in Indiana.  I believe this one says it all:

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