Friday, August 6, 2010

~The 2010 Indiana State Fair ~

The heat of the summer is upon us and the deafening song of the cicadas fill the Indiana air. It can only mean one thing: time once again for the Indiana State Fair!  The fair begins today and is celebrating its 154th anniversary.  This year's theme: The Year of PIGS.  Indiana is the 5th largest state for pork production in  the United States and so it seems fitting that is is being sponsored by the Indiana Pork Producers.
Each year the Indiana State Fair chooses a signature food to be featured at the fair.  This year, in keeping with the theme of the fair, the choices included Country Fried Bacon, The Garbage Burger, Pig in a Pancake, Pulled Pork Taco, and Root Beer Ribs.  All 5 choices will be served at the fair, but the winner for 2010 is the Garbage Burger- A ground pork burger topped with pulled pork and seasoned with barbecue sauce.
Last year, Chocolate Covered Bacon was featured at the fair...I never had the desire to try it and I wonder if it will return this year in honor of the year of the pig?? 
One thing I always enjoy seeing while visiting the fair are the new litters of piglets.  They can be heard squealing the moment one enters the swine barn and there is always a crowd of visitors around their pig pen. This image (awarded Editor's Choice in the Pets category in the book 'Capture Indy'- Pediment Publishing -2009) was made shortly after these pigs finished nursing.  They didn't seem to care where they fell asleep after having their fill.  However, I doubt their fill consisted of either the chocolate covered bacon or garbage burger!
The fair runs for 17 days allowing an ample time for Hoosiers to visit and experience the rides, shows, animals, food, concerts and exhibits.  (And this year, according to the Indianapolis Star, one is able to view the mama pig and her piglets from home on the Indiana State Fair "Ham Cam" !)
(Canon EOS 1-D, Canon 28-105mm lens, 1/25 sec. @ f 5.6, ISO 800)


  1. Love your photo of the little weaners. That is precious.

    Also appreciate your change of wording about the darn cicadas! They are deafening, no doubt about it. Thought they are one of the sounds of summer, they are immensely annoying.

  2. Thanks, Barb. and i agree: the cicadas ARE getting annoying!