Friday, December 3, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

With the holiday season upon us, food dominates our lives from Thanksgiving right through to the new year. Enjoying good food and wine is as much a passion to me as my photography. I love to gather with family and friends to enjoy a lingering meal together. After all, the company and conversation add so much to the culinary experience.
Also, when I travel, one of the highlights for me is tasting and eating foods from different cultures and experiencing new foods I have never tasted before.

What does food have to do with photography, you ask?
Like photography, food is an art. In photography, we discover the subject, select the gear to create our images, set up and compose the shot in the viewfinder, process the image, and finally present a work of art.
The art of food can be described in the same way: deciding what dish to prepare (the subject), selection of the ingredients to create the selected dish (gathering the gear), preparing, combining, and cooking the ingredients (processing), plating the food giving careful thought to colors, textures, and arrangement on the plate (composition) and serving the dish. (presentation of a work of art)

Just like photography is a "sport" for all of the senses, so is same for food. In last week's blog, I talked about how all of one's senses come into play when out in the field photographing. The same holds true for the enjoyment of food.  And, in my blog from 11-12-10, I discussed the importance of visual details to add a 'finishing touch' and to 'convey the essence' of the whole experience.  Food images from my travels help me to complete the story of my adventures, adding more interest to images of the traditional travel experience.

When I traveled to Italy with friends 3 years ago, we ate some amazing food throughout the trip. As my first meal was set before me, I decided to photograph it as a remembrance of the dining experience. Each meal set before us was a work of art, and so I self assigned the task of snapping each meal of our visit to Italy. By the end of our holiday, I had made a very nice collection of food images from Italy. The fruits (no pun intended!!) of my labor can be seen in my web site gallery entitled 'Mangia!' Looking back through the images of the food I consumed, I can remember what the food was, how it tasted, where it was served and who I was with at the time of the shutter click.
Ever since my visit to Italy, I have been photographing my food. The images featured on today's blog page were made in Namibia.

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