Friday, February 4, 2011

Fountain Paint Pot- Yellowstone National Park

It has been four days home from my 4th visit to Yellowstone National Park, I continue to be in awe of the sights...This was my 3rd visit in winter, when the park takes on a peaceful feeling and indescribable beauty. While so much of Yellowstone intrigues me, nothing holds my fascination more than the geothermal features in the park.
Of course, no visit to Yellowstone is complete without witnessing the popular and predictable eruption of the world famous icon of the park: Old Faithful Geyser. Our group saw Old Faithful by day with the scenic steaming geyser basin below and by night with the twinkling bright stars above.
However, the features in the park which amaze me the most are the boiling mud pots. I find myself imagining what it was like to be one of the first people to witness such a phenomenon and what it was like to describe it to those who had never imagined such a thing could exist!
John Colter was one of the first white men to see what is now Yellowstone National Park in 1807. His descriptions of the area had many believing that he was grossly exaggerating what he saw: "hidden fires, smoking pits, noxious steams, and smell of brimstone."
When visiting Yellowstone, one realizes Colter's descriptions are more than accurate and quite believable when seen with one's own eyes!!
This week, I have decided to feature an image of boiling mud at the Fountain Paint Pot- an area between the Midway and Lower Geyser Basins. A fast shutter speed was chosen to freeze the action of the bursting bubbles of mud. (Click on image to enlarge)

Canon EOS 5D Mark  II, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM, 1/1000 second @ f 11, ISO 800
The sight and sound of this place is mesmerizing...
Once again, I have supplemented my still image with a short video clip because I feel the still image does not do the subject justice. Click HERE to see the short video.
Now, if only I could share the "smell of brimstone" to complete the total experience!


  1. The image of the boiling mud of the fountain at Yellowstone national park if breath taking. Your article increases the desire to visit the park.
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    1. Thank-you for your comment. The wonders of Yellowstone National Park are something that should be experienced by eveyone at least once in their lifetime. It is an amazing place in every season.