Friday, February 11, 2011

Travel Keepsakes

You travel to a new place and bring back gigabytes of images...
Should they sit on a hard drive forever never seeing the light of day?  I think not...
In this age of digital photography and the world of online publishing, the door has been opened to new and innovative ideas to create meaningful keepsakes of your travels.
So often, I travel with other photographers and it is always fun to make a keepsake of our photos and of our adventures from the trip. Two weeks ago, I went to Yellowstone National Park with eight talented photo friends for four days of winter photography in the park. (web gallery soon to be posted...stay tuned!) 
To commemorate our travels, I asked each my travel companions to share 4-5  of their favorite images from the trip to feature on a "souvenir" poster.  I created the poster from their submitted images along with a photo of our group taken in the park at the Continental Divide.  The collection of images sums up many of the highlights of the trip as seen through nine pairs of different and talented eyes and makes a meaningful keepsake of visual memories of the trip...

Another way to commemorate a trip and create a keepsake is the bound photo book, made up of a collection of photos to tell your story.  Using one of the many web sites offering photo books, one can go beyond the traditional "picture book" and add text to tell the story.  I use  I have made many books of my travels through their web site and have had great results with the the color reproduction of my photos.  There are many other online photo book publishers offering similar products, so you would need to do your own research to compare pricing, sizes, options, etc.  Photo books are easy and fun to create and are a wonderful way to share your travels with others.
Here is a link to the book I created for "The Polar Bear 5" - a group of five photographers who traveled to Churchill, Manitoba for a week to photograph polar bears.  The book features our best images along with supplemental images to tell the whole story of our adventures.
Click on this link to see the book:  Polar Bear 5 Book  Enter ID: M916363  and Password: 1392017 in the appropriate blanks to see the book.
So, the next time you come home from a trip loaded with photos, consider one of these creative "hands on" ways to preserve and share your experience with others. (They sure beat home slide shows of days gone by!!) 

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