Friday, April 15, 2011

April Fool ~ Part 2

Just because April Fool's Day was two weeks ago, doesn't mean I can't keep trying to fool your eyes... So, today I decided to feature a few more images that might make you question what you are actually seeing. The chosen images are different from the last blog entry's images in that today's images are definitely recognizable subjects. However, they were captured in a way that makes them a little surreal.
Nothing has been done to create these images in a software program. They are just as I saw them through the viewfinder.  When I am out photographing, I just love discovering these unique kinds of compositions.
Can you tell what you are seeing? Here's a hint: For each image, think 'reflection.'
(Click on the image for better viewing)
So, next time you are out and about, pay close attention to reflections around you.  They really make interesting photographs that make the viewer look and linger just a little bit longer.

P.S. In response to numerous emails asking about the subject identification of the abstract images I posted last time, I am including a list of "answers" as to what the subjects are:
Row 1 L > R:
Fresh Salmon Macro (Alaska)
Grass reflected on the river  (Namibia) 
Kelp stems on the beach (Oregon)

Row 2 L > R:
Glass Paperweight Macro
Reflections of buildings on water (Venice, Italy)
Architectural details on the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto)

Row 3 L > R:
Succulent plant leaves  (Namibia)
Wall detail in Pompeii (Italy)
Dead tree against red sand dune (Namibia)

Row 4 L > R:
Handcrafted Fishing Fly Macro (Alaska)
Zebras (Namibia)
Desert Plant (Death Valley, CA)

Row 5 L > R:
Shadow on corrugated metal against a wooden wall (Rhyolite, CA)
Details of rusted metal on a car door (Death Valley, CA)
Neon lights (Reno, NV)
Stairs and post (Cataloochee, TN)

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