Friday, September 9, 2011


When I set out to photograph, I photograph my subject "as is" and present it to my viewers exactly the way I saw it. Other times, a subject lends itself to a different rendering to make viewer stop and see it in a different way. As I study my subject, I pre-visualize how I want it to look in the final output.

So what do I mean by pre-visualization? It can take many forms such as rendering the subject in black and white, making it into a panorama, using HDR to increase the dynamic range of a scene, or taking it beyond reality with the use of post processing filters.  Pre-visualization begins with the question I have posed in many of my previous blogs: "What if I........? 

This week, I am utilizing the concept of pre-visualization by expanding on the animal tracks of my most recent blog entry, "Creepy Crawlers."

While stalking the insects that made these tracks, I was admiring the patterns their tiny feet made in the Namibian desert sand. The designs of the tracks lent themselves well to various interesting compositions and abstract images.
Because of the low angle of the sun and the increased contrast of the scene, I pre-visualized the delicate patterns in black and white in my head abstracting them beyond simple tracks and creating artful design images.  (Answering the question, "What if I...?") 
Now I am back home and have had the chance to look through the images I made. While I am pleased with these images, to me, they are only the beginning of an idea I will continue to pursue until I accomplish what I saw in my mind's eye. So, in essence, you are seeing a pre-visualized "work in progress."  

Since I, personally, think my pre-visualization ideas are not "quite there" this time, I will further study this idea, perfecting it into the images I have in my mind...stay tuned!
My eyes saw this scene...

...My mind's eye saw this.

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