Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Staying Power of Images- Ten Years and Counting...

Welcome to my first blog entry of 2012...Happy New Year to all!

Because it has been so busy around the Kaveney house(s), I have had very little time to devote seriously to my photography.  I have been scrambling around behind the scenes, editing and backing up photo files in addition to helping with the planning for our camera club's upcoming spring seminar.  While all of these tasks are related to my photography and are quite necessary, they are the least exciting part of my craft.
My blog is now two years old, and while I have attempted to post weekly, I find it much easier to write when I am not pressured by my self-imposed weekly timeline.  This year, I will blog on a looser timeline allowing my thoughts to flow more freely.
Last night, I was laying awake thinking about spending more time behind the camera making images.  In the process, I thought back on the many images i have shot over the years since first picking up a camera.  I am amazed that my photo library is close to 150,000 images! 

While thinking about my most popular images, one pops out in the forefront from every click my shutter has ever made: "Fancy Flight."  It was the subject of my first blog two years ago and it has continued to be my 'singature' image by which many people recognize my work.  I find it so hard to believe that I made this image exactly 10 years ago this month and it is still requested by publications and buyers alike.  The staying power of 'Fancy Flight' (or the 'FRB' as my photo friends refer to it) fascinates me.

Most recently, it has graced the pages of two 2012 calendars: The National Audubon Society and the Hamilton County (IN) Parks and Recreation Event and Nature calendar. Both publications chose the image for their January spread to start the post-holiday cold winter month with a splash of bright color.  (The park district also featured it on the calendar's cover)  Fancy Flight is featured on numerous pieces of merchandise and as a fine art print in various sizes at Allposters.com.
While I am very happy to be most recognized by my bright red cardinal captured in flight, I continually strive for my photography to reflect a quote by Ernst Haas. (1921-1986)  In his words:
"I want to be remembered much more for total vision than for a few perfect single pictures."
I hope as you peruse the existing as well as upcoming galleries on my web site you are able to appreciate my total vision successfully reflecting his thought.


  1. I couldn't agree more, Wendy, on wanting to be remembered for my overall total vision - but on the other hand, knowing that an image struck a chord with so many people gives one great satisfaction, too! It's a truly amazing image as it celebrates the beauty of winter and the beauty of cardinals, too. That is has such lasting power is no surprise to me. :) But I also know you have an incredible collection of other great images, as well. keep up the great work!

    1. Hi, Brenda- Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Trust me when I say you have already established a unique vision of your own and are truly an inspiration to me!