Friday, June 15, 2012

7th Annual Nature Photography Day

Nature Photography Day is finally here!  How wonderful it felt to take a break from packing boxes and to spend some time behind my lens! 

This image was taken in my backyard in Carmel, Indiana.  The flowering plant is actually a weed full of tiny little flowers  (about 1 cm in diameter) that look like miniature daisies.  All of them appeared to have their "faces" turned to the sun.
After studying them closely, I noticed one with 2 petals crossed across its yellow center, looking like it was shading its "eyes" from the bright summer sun.
I had found my subject for nature day...
Canon 50D, 50mm macro + 25mm extension, 1/320, f13, ISO 400

Equipped with my 50mm macro lens + a 25mm extension tube on my 50D, I spent the better part of an hour shooting it from all angles and in different qualities of light.  (diffused vs shaded vs harsh sunlight.) 

I realize it is optimal to photograph flowers in soft lighting conditions, however I really liked the frames I shot in harsh June sunlight to help convey the idea of this tiny flower trying to avoid the hot sun!
While not the most stellar image I have ever made, It means a great deal to me because of how amazing it felt getting back behind the camera and viewing the world through my lens...
Now, back to packing boxes!!