Monday, December 23, 2013

What does 'The Best' Actually Mean?

As 2013 comes to a close, I have been seeing many posts on my Facebook newsfeed by other photographers who have posted their "best" of 2013.

I am in awe of the 'best' photos represented by my fellow photographers and I decided to re-visit my 2013 photos to share my 'best' of the year.
As I began to look through the multitude of images of varied subject matter from this past year, I had to take pause and ask myself: "What does 'best' really mean?"
The first thought that came to mind was: 'the best' means a technically sound image with perfect composition and impact- after all, these are the criteria used for judging photo competitions.  While I have many images that are technically sound, tack sharp, and worthy of competition entry, they are not what I consider 'the best' of my collection. 
There are so many wonderful memories of things I have seen and of the places I have been which come flooding back to me when viewing images I have made.  To me, so much of an image is about the experience of being in that place and witnessing what I try to capture with my lens- sometimes technically successfully, and sometimes not. It's difficult for me to separate all of the emotions I feel when making an image from the resulting photograph. 
So many of my 'best' are fleeting moments in time.  A great number of these 'bests' have never been shared with anyone else, but are the ones which I often  revisit and just smile...  Those magical moments and the awe and wonder of subjects discovered for the first time, special times with friends and family, and those moments which excited me as I saw them come together through the viewfinder. 
This is what "the best" means to me, and I invite you to view a gallery of MY 'BEST' PHOTOGRAPHIC MOMENTS AND DISCOVERIES OF 2013 -while keeping in mind the experience and discovery behind each image.
Wishing you only 'BESTS' in 2014 and beyond...

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